Privacy Policy

1. Customer data is protected by Startuplifes, will never misuse this data.

2.If a customer pays online, we provide a notification to the customer. If the payment system shuts down due to a problem, it would be bank's responsibility, not of startuplifes. StartupLifes accepts any type of payment offline or online.

3.Customer will provide all the details of what they want to do on Startuplifes, then after verifying it, we will provide it to the customer for verification, if he wants to make any change in it, it will be the responsibility of the customer.

4.We will only respond to the customer with whom we have a contract we will not answer a third party.

5.The service will be provided to the customers only after his full payment then he will not be entitled to the service.

6.If there is any mistake done by the customers or we think the customer is doing misguide then the case will be in jurisdiction Nawanshahr.


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